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We are pleased to confirm that your work was also accepted in the second round, the assessment by the four judges, Valerie Kirk, Annie Trevillian, Tony Dyer and Christine Keller who looked at the work of 115 people in all, and selected 77, of whom you are one. Please note that the entries were presented to the judges on a total of 4 DVDs using high quality image resolution in a ‘blind’ judging – the judges did not know the identity of the artists. In the meantime, for your own C.V. and in describing your ‘acceptance’ to others, we suggest the following wording:

“Judged as Outstanding in Fibre Design for Australia and New Zealand in 2010 by a panel of four judges brought together by Dragon Design and TAFTA (The Australian Forum for Textile Arts Ltd). The judges were Valerie Kirk, Annie Trevillian and Tony Dyer from Australia and Christine Keller from New Zealand.”