Tapestries – 2008 -2009 – slideshow

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Statement of Intent

‘City Circle’ and ‘Soup Coffee’, is a response to a recent trip to Melbourne. The experience was a visual feast. Every alleyway and side street was layered with intense offers of art, at its rawest and most public. After a week of absorbing the urban landscape of Melbourne’s metropolis; the art, the tagging and graffiti, the buildings and walls, the people and their clothing all merged to form one gorgeously claustrophobic image. The essence of that image I felt vibrating and separating from itself in moments of time then reconnecting long enough for me, to capture it in a series of drawings.

Traditionally I would have painted my drawings but the images called for something new, something that would echo the haunting history of the alleyways yet represent, the stencilled almost pixilated art work that covered the city.

I chose tapestry wool as a medium for painting, its repetitive stitching lines give the work a contemporary computer generated look and the essence of the traditional craft represents the foundations on which the city is built. The images and medium combine to reflect the Urban Landscape of Melbourne, the way it came to me.

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