About and CV

Niki McDonald

Urban faces, spaces and attitudes made permanent in wool. The sass of urban life balanced with the pace of needlepoint tapestry.

I’m saying that our urban environment empowers the women who embrace the colours, reflections, lights and brights.

I’m inspired by the ephemeral and drawn to the mechanical nature of my textile arts practice. Within the repetition and toiling is a space that allows me to connect with my intuition and inspires me beyond the daily grind.

The repetition of stitches echoes the pixels of digital work and the spray-paint used on the streets. I complement the stitches with photos I have taken and printed onto fabric, it offers texture, relevance and contrast.

Ironically street art is fast, contemporary and masculine. Tapestry is slow, traditional and feminine.

• Education
Bachelor of Creative Arts – Textiles Major – Wollongong University, Diploma of Education – Southern Cross University
• Prizes
2014 – The Waverley Art Prize – First Place – Mixed Media – Waverley – NSW
2013 – The International Women’s Day Art Prize, “First Place”, TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst
2012 – Waverley Art Prize – “Mixed Media, Highly Commended” – Bondi
2011 – Warringah Art Prize – “Artfocus Gallery and Studio Honourable Mention” – Dee Why
2011 – Waverley Art Prize – “Mayor’s Prize, Highly Commended” – Bondi
2009 – Waverly Art Prize – “First Place- Mixed Media” – Bondi
• Finalist
2018 – BUDA Contemporary Textiles Prize – Castlemaine, Victoria
2018 – Wangaratta – Petite Miniature Textiles – Wangaratta
2016 – Chippendale New World Art Prize, Chippendale, NSW
2014 – The Warringah Art Prize – Brookvale, NSW
2014 – Women on Boards Art prize – TAP Gallery – Darlinghurst
2014 – Stanthorpe Art Prize, Stanthorpe, QLD
2013 – Glebe Art Prize – Glebe, NSW
2013 – Waverley Art Prize – Bondi – NSW
2013 – Wangaratta Contemporary Textiles Prize
2012 – Glebe Art Prize – Glebe
2012 – Sept – Marrickville Art Prize –‘the Best of the Rest’ – ESP Gallery
2012 – Pyrmont Art Prize – Pyrmont, NSW
2012 – Mount Eyre Art Prize – Paddington NSW
2012 – Stanthorpe Art Festival – QLD
2010 – Waverley Art Prize – Bondi NSW
• Exhibitions

2022 – July – DIP Window Gallery, Darlington

2021 – October – Window Exhibition – Sydney Craft Week – Traffic jam galleries, NSW

2021 – July – Solo show – Traffic Jam galleries, Neutral Bay, NSW

2021 – February – Group exhibition, Birds, Traffic Jam Galleries, Neutral Bay, NSW

2020 – October – Solo Exhibition, TAP gallery + Sydney Craft Week, Surry Hills, NSW

2020 – October – Solo Exhibition, TAP Gallery, Surry Hills, NSW

2020 – July – August – DIP and Intelligent Animal, Window Exhibition, Darlington, NSW

2020 – March- June – Untitled 2020, Traffic Jam Galleries, Neutral Bay, NSW

2019 – November – SEW, Group Show, The Clerkenwell Gallery, London, UK

2019 – October – Made to Measure, Group Show, Hawthorn Town Hall Art Space, Victoria

2019 – October – Dopamine – Seed Stitch, Group Show, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, NSW

2019 – September – Newcastle Stitches + Craft Show, Guest Artist Exhibition + workshops

2019 – February – Stitch Fetish, The Hive Gallery, L.A, USA

2019 – February – Stitches and Craft, Guest Artist – ICC, Darling Harbor, Sydney

2019 – March – Embrace, Group exhibition, White Rhino Art Space, St Leonards, NSW

2019 – June – The Fabric of Life, Be Brave Art Gallery, Avalon, NSW

2019 – February – Stitches and Craft, guest artist – ICC, Darling Harbor, Sydney

2018 – August – Artisans – Sew as I Go- Solo Exhibition – Mudgee, NSW
2018 – March – Be Brave Creative Space, Group exhibition, Avalon, NSW
2018 – March – Australian Design Centre, Maker’s Markets, Darlinghurst, NSW
2017 – October – TAP Gallery, Sydney Craft Week with the Seed Stitch Collective, Darlinghurst, NSW
2017 – September – Gaffa Gallery, Wonderment with the Seed Stitch Collective, Sydney, NSW
2017 – May, KPC Yarn Pop-up, Thread + Colour 2, Paddington, NSW
2016 – November – Seed Stitch Collective – Barometer Gallery, Paddington, NSW
2016 – June- Solo Exhibition – Gallery One88, Katoomba, NSW
2016 –March – Seed Stitch – Warringah Creative Gallery, NSW
2015 – December – Urban Road trip – TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW
2015 – November – The Kangaroo Visit Rome, group exhibition, Rome, Italy
2015 – October – Fibre Art Fare, Marrickville, NSW
2015 – September – “Poptastic”, group exhibition, Platform 72, Chippendale, NSW
2015 – August, “Slick City Chicks”, group show, TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW
2015 – March – Solo Exhibition, “The Light I See in You”, Platform 72, Chippendale, NSW
2015 – February – Art for Small Places – Platform 72, Chippendale, NSW
2015 – January -Dangar Island Gallery and Café, Solo Exhibition, Dangar Island, NSW
2014 – October to 2015 Feb – Concrete Jungle – The Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, NSW
2014 – July – Little Wing Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Bunbury, WA
2014 – April – Art for Small Places – Platform 72, Broadway and Darlinghurst
2014 – April – Here/There/Now – Ziggy’s Art, Wine and Cheese Bar, Chippendale, Sydney
2013 – October – BCA Reunion Exhibition, the Newtown Hub Gallery
2013 – September – The Sydney Fringe Festival, Leichardt Forum
2013 – June – ESP – Group Exhibition, Marrickville
2012 – Sept – ‘Off the Wall’ – I Heart Gallery – St Peters, Sydney
2012 – Sept – Fringe Arts at the Forum, Leichardt, Sydney
2012 – Sept – ‘Google Exhibition’ – Seymour Centre, Sydney
2012 – Tap Gallery, Various Group Shows, Darlinghurst
2012 – March – Global Gallery, Solo Exhibition – Paddington, NSW
2012 – March – Tap Gallery, Group Show – Darlinghurst, NSW
2012 – February –ESP Gallery, Group Show – “Love and Death” – Marrickville
2011 – November – The Hardware Gallery- ‘Urban Blend” – Enmore
2011 – September – Hardware Gallery – “Google Show” – Enmore
2011 – June – Hardware Gallery – Group Show- “Vinyl” – Enmore
2010 – November – Claremont College Art Exhibition, Coogee
2010 – Sept/Oct – Hardware Gallery – group exhibition – “Flight” – Enmore
2010 – August – World Bar – group exhibition- “40%wool 60%acrylic”- Kings Cross
2010 – June – Berkelouw Bookshop Cafe Gallery – Solo Exhibition – Newtown
2009 – August – October – High Valley Gallery – Mudgee
2009 – Jan – Urban Uprising Gallery – “New world revolution” – Darlinghurst

  •         Editorials

2017 – Needle Point For Fun Website Interview


2017 – Chilly Hollow Needle Point Adventure


2017 Paisley World Blog


2017 – Textile Curator interview 


2016 – KPC Yarn Blog


2016 – Chilly Hollow Needle Point Adventure


2016 – Drown Dogs Blog


2014 – July – ‘The Wentworth Courier’, issue # July 9th, page 25

2012 – March – “The Wentworth Courier” issue # March 21st, page 40

2012 – March – “Beast” magazine Issue #86, page 94

2011 – November – “International Contemporary Artists Vol 3”, page 166 Published Book

2011 – August – “Cafe Society” magazine Issue 74 – Front page and PP 22 and 23

2011 – May –“Textile Fibre Forum” – Magazine no.102 – Front, back page images and article

2009 – September – “Textile Fibre Forum” magazine no.95 – half page editorial

2009 – August – “Mudgee Guardian” – Newspaper – Half page article and image


  1. Rone says:

    I think we should talk

  2. Your designs are fantastic!

    I notice you use the word ‘tapestry’ – do you mean woven tapestry, or needlepoint on canvas?

    Michelle 🙂

  3. marion says:

    Hi Niki.
    love your work, and read Textile forum article with great interest. I was amazed at the finesse of your work, as it says in the article that it is a woven tapestry technique. However in your blogg you suggest you are using needlepoint. Can you pease clarify for me, because as a woven tapestry artist I would be very interested to learn more of your technique

    • nikimcdonald says:

      Hi Marian, thanks for your generous comments and I am so happy that you have the Textile Fibre Forum magazine, it’s an absolute once in a life time treat for me to have the front cover of a magazine I love so much. I am sorry to mislead you in the text about it being woven tapestry, I didn’t actually mean it to say that, a bit of confusion somewhere along the way. I have done woven tapestry while I was doing a Bachelor of Creative Arts and majoring in Textiles but the needle point tapestry actually seems to suit the subject matter a lot better and I really enjoy it more too. I have always called what I do Tapestry and the designs on cloth, needle point but there seems to be different names called for different styles of tapestry. I think the woven one is the most technically skilled and am in awe of some of the work people produce using that technique.

  4. Marlysse Med says:

    Hello, My name’s Marlysse, and i’ve launched an online Gallery/Boutique called ” FairArtisan”. I came across your interesting works on FB and was wondering if you’d like to talk about being represented by us.


  5. dorothé swinkels says:

    can you, tapestry girl, please get in touch with me. I am interested in doing an article in our textile magazine: http://www.textielplus.nl
    thank you
    dorothé swinkels

  6. emily says:

    i love all your tapestries I wish you sold the prints so i could make them too 🙂

    • nikimcdonald says:

      Thanks Emily, I’m so happy that u like my tapestries. I don’t sell kits cause I sort of make them up as I go. I bit like painting with wool. I can send you a photo of one and you can copy it to some tapestry canvas if you like. x

  7. emily says:

    they are amazing! you are very talented. I will keep that in mind. I am currently working on a few pieces so I should probably finish those first. Then I can give yours a go. I will be in touch 🙂

  8. Zinovia Mitakakis says:

    Hi Niki,

    I love your work and would love to chat to you about an event I’m organising in March 2014. Please send me an email so that I can give you more details.

    Hi Zinovia
    Thank you for your lovely appraisal of my work. My email address nikimcd@bigpond.net.au
    I am looking forward to hearing the details of your event. With thanks

  9. Catherine says:

    Dear Niki,

    I would be thrilled if you would consider exhibiting at this year’s Balmain Art & Craft Show 11 -13 November.
    You can contact me via our email: balmainart@gmail.com

    Kind regards,

    Catherine Timbrell

  10. Maria Eugenia Galvao says:

    I would like to buy a tapestry from you! I leave in Brazil but as i go often to new york it could be shipped to there!
    Where can i see prices and the pieces currently available?
    Thank you!
    Maria Eugenia

  11. April - Exhibition & Gallery Coordinator says:

    Afternoon Niki – We have enjoyed following you work!
    I am writing to you from Gallery76 – a specialty textile art gallery run by the Embroiderers’ Guild NSW. We are currently taking proposals for our 2020 exhibition calendar – if this is something you might be interested in, please contact me via galleries@embroiderersguildnsw.org.au.
    Kindest regards,

    • nikimcdonald says:

      Hi April, many thanks for you message, it’s lovely to have the connection between my work and your outstanding gallery. I am very interested in thinking about an exhibition at Gallery 76 for 2020. I currently have a lot of my mind as I’m finishing up my work as a teacher for the year but will give it my full attention after Christmas and let you know. Many thanks. Niki x

  12. andrea says:

    Hi Nicki, I love your canvases. Are they available to buyin the UK? Thanks Andrea

    • nikimcdonald says:

      Hi Andrea, many thanks for your message, I only just saw it so big appologies for the extremely late reply. I sell my canvases from home, you can check out the range on instagram at tapestrygirl.DIY Or message me and I can send you some of the options.
      Niki x

  13. Brian Pinkstone says:

    I’d like to buy a tapestry on view at 30 golden grove st. It’s the long narrow one with a girl looking up which I think is Urban Reflections- in a Roy Lichtenstein mode?

    • nikimcdonald says:

      Fantastic, I’m so happy. I’m going to get the contact god sales and send it to you. My number is 0412661774 if you’d rather communicate through text, otherwise here is good

    • nikimcdonald says:

      Hi Brian, I just wanted to follow up on Urban Reflections. I love that piece too, it is the reflection of the street signs and car lights on our faces, It is $780 and you are able to pay through the initiative, Intelligent Animal. The details are as follows. I will be taking the exhibition down on Sunday and will happily meet up with you so you can see the piece and make your decision. It will be around 2pm but I will firm up the time when I know when the gallery window space will be open.

      Intelligent Animal
      BSB 082-088
      Act 25880-1294
      I can send you a tax invoice if you would like to send your email.

      With Kind regards
      Niki McDonald

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