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See, Sew, Sing

Latch hook rug,60ply Merino and acrylic wool, power coated metal grid,600x2700mm

The alley way and street sings a song of long ago, the passion of celebratory voices from many lands scatter their seeds as they unite. The chorus tells of laying granite rock on stone and brick, of sparking up spirit and rising above blood and bone.

I am drawn to the mechanical nature of my textile arts practice. Within the repetition and toiling is a space that allows me to connect with my inner peace. I feel my spirit pulsating as the piece unfolds and takes shape. My heart races as I connect with the art and the process and the piece that will never really be complete or static or resolved. Every eye that falls upon my art sees what they have earlier sown, their spirit imprints with its own light.

Wool like the spirit absorbs light and sound, it’s rich and tactile and comes from a source that has been nurtured and grown. When cared for and cherished it calls to all and sings a new song and an old song and a song of joy and hope.


Honey Bee Democracy

Technology at its best allows collaboration, ease of sharing and efficiency but the cost can be isolation and socially awkward human interactions. In a successful future the endless possibilities of technology will be harnessed for efficiency but society will win back the right to group ritual and authentic bonding. My vision for a Contemporary Renaissance starts with adolescents spontaneously working effectively as individuals but supported and heard by the collective. Resilience and persistence within a community built on a foundation of positive human interactions will result in intelligent choices and best practice. 

My art piece, ‘Bee Hive Democracy”, seeks to evoke a strong sense of bonding and group synergy. A group is not without friction but its resolved differences allow evolution and resolutions. The piece is painted with gauche on paper and has been overlaid with embroidery canvas and key lines sewn with tapestry stitching. The unsewn honey comb tapestry canvas allows muted colours from the painting to be revealed but is otherwise raw and waiting to be filled in by the future collective mind working for ethical outcomes within the framework of the Bee Hive Democracy.