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I Love needle point tapestry because I can sew as I go…. some places that I sew….

Katoomba 11-6-16 -28 1

A half cross stitch on a spray painted 3.75 Ct tapestry canvas. 95x120cm

See, Sew, Sing

Latch hook rug,60ply Merino and acrylic wool, power coated metal grid,600x2700mm

The alley way and street sings a song of long ago, the passion of celebratory voices from many lands scatter their seeds as they unite. The chorus tells of laying granite rock on stone and brick, of sparking up spirit and rising above blood and bone.

I am drawn to the mechanical nature of my textile arts practice. Within the repetition and toiling is a space that allows me to connect with my inner peace. I feel my spirit pulsating as the piece unfolds and takes shape. My heart races as I connect with the art and the process and the piece that will never really be complete or static or resolved. Every eye that falls upon my art sees what they have earlier sown, their spirit imprints with its own light.

Wool like the spirit absorbs light and sound, it’s rich and tactile and comes from a source that has been nurtured and grown. When cared for and cherished it calls to all and sings a new song and an old song and a song of joy and hope.

More than the Daily grind

Having children changes everything, after my babies I put my art practice on hold, there was so much to do and very little time left over. When the youngest turned 3, I needed to start making art again as my life lacked magic.  I tried to paint and draw but my children wanted to help and I lost focus. Frustrated, I got out my old tapestry needles and wool and drew up some images, it was the perfect solution. The kids weren’t interested in it, my tapestry rolled up and didn’t require a studio, it wasn’t messy and it was portable. Long hours of watching my kids at swimming classes, martial arts, and soccer practice all turned into perfect opportunities for me to create art. Since then I have been breathless with excitement about my art practice, it drives me and keeps the cogs turning in my life.

My tapestry work took a new direction during a trip to Melbourne in 2007. The experience was a visual feast. Every alleyway and side street was layered with intense offerings of art, where there had been a blank wall someone had filled it, others had added to it, creating an unpredictable collaborative piece of art at its rawest and most public. After a week of absorbing the urban landscape; the tagging and graffiti, the walls, the people and their clothing I drew a series of drawings on tapestry canvas and began stitching. What caught my attention was how beautifully the people had adapted to their urban environment. Were the people reflecting their environment or was the environment reflecting them?  I couldn’t help believe that the urban environment proves to be a catalyst for inspired, instinctual, sassy, strong women.

To date my work has been about capturing the ephemeral, tagged and ripped urban landscape and those who live in it. I make it permanent with tapestry wool and mixed media. My stitches have grown from 8ply wool to 20ply, now I feel like I’m exaggerating and celebrating the medium. The repetition of the stitches echoes the pixels of digital work and the spray paint used on the streets. The stitches are meditative, deliberate and the work proceeds at a slow pace which contrasts to the urban walls that are executed under the cover of darkness and smell of adrenaline.

Niki McDonald          sewing on Sunday      me with sunset tapestry


Dove's fly

Tap gallery 2015

urban road trip invite6

Girl Power 1