Tapestry Girl 2007-2010 B.O.W

Posted: June 20, 2010 in B.O.W-2010

The tapestries reflect the design elements from the tagging, graffiti, stencil art and ripped tagged bill posters that are omnipresent in every neighborhood, laneway and city. If there is a blank wall someone will fill it, others will add to it, creating an unorganised collaborative piece of creativity at its rawest. It offers a social commentary of the urban cultures within the community and a feeling of visual claustrophobia that abounds wherever cities form.  I use tapestry to represent my images because the repetition of the stitches echo the pixels of digital work and the spray-paint used on the streets. I also love the irony of how street art is so fast, contemporary and masculine and tapestry is so time consuming, traditional and femine.

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