Thank you 2019…. » 6D0E16A0-6398-47E4-A3AD-95E4F23E8F60

Posted: January 15, 2020 | Full size is 1813 × 2266 pixels

  1. RONDA says:

    Amazing, not only the beauty,simplicity and strength of your work but I can feel the joy and enthusiasm. Being a mother of 4 grandmother of 8 and having helped my husband run our business sewing I guess was my expression of my inner self but I totally marvel at the quantity of your work. How do you ever manage to achieve so much beautiful work. I Thank Inspirations magazine for introducing you to me and I am hoping your enthusiasm and love of olive and art will speed me on my way back to accomplishing a greater amount of my own self expression. You are amazing. Thankyou for sharing

    • nikimcdonald says:

      Hi Ronda. Many thanks for your generous and kind comments, it was lovely to hear from you. What a wonderfully large family you have, its surprising that you ever carved out enough time to make your own pieces. I always say that craft/stitching/art always finds a way as it needs to be expressed. There is nothing better than a nice cup of tea, time on my own and a big stitching project. All the absolute best with your creativity and thank you again for saying, Hi x

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