A Visual Review

Posted: September 5, 2010 in My Favorite Pieces 2012

A friend of mine who is currently finishing a design degree at UTS reviewed my “Flight” Submission, it was so positive I had to “Wordle” it. Translated, it says…Hi Niki

The tales behind the images are great, totally comprehensible and
imaginatively expressed…

I like the fact that “grounded” can mean in control as in “well grounded
individual”…but here it’s all about “you’re grounded for a month,
kiddo, in fact for the rest of your urban life”. Ground, to grind etc…
Everything about that brief title yells confinement.

The second title is totally literal, a statement of fact and that sits
really well when juxtaposed with the poetic description beneath and not
one mention of mundane street lighting blocking out starlight because
its all about the deeper meaning, sustenance of which the spirit is

The image of anywhere without a horizon is spooky, an expression of
something most people do not even realise they are suffering from.

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