’89 with Owl’ @ The Tap Gallery

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Creating, Exhibition, Gallery, Tap Gallery
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  1. Joy Barrow says:

    Just love that wise olde owl

  2. Joy Barrow says:

    Hi gorgeous one, I hope you all have a great time at Berry. I will tell Patch goat is on the menu. Using Bert Bees to great effect and have watched the first 3 episodes of Redfern Now which we enjoyed immensely. Just so you know I can’t wear the larger sizes in tees as the arm openings hang down a long way. Fixes the tummy problem but creates another one. Should I bring the shirt back so you can give it to someone else? Joci and Royston coming here for lunch and I will cook pasta. This is I promptu so will be from the cupboard. Harry will just be miserable when we leave he is eating meat and some chicken instead of raw eggs and yucki tuna. Lots of love Ma xxxx

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