An Invitation – ‘Sew as I Go’- Mudgee,NSW

Posted: August 2, 2018 in 2018, Exhibition, Gallery
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Join me at Artisan’s on Lewis, in beautiful historic Mudgee. On show, is a year’s worth of ‘Sew as I go’, where I seek to transcend old habits that inhibit playfulness and industriousness. As I sew and as I go, I explore, refresh and cultivate curiosity. This body of work seeks to find the balance between playfulness and industriousness. 

Opening on Saturday 25th of August at 3-pm. Be inspired by over 20 contemporary needlepoint tapestries, be uplifted by the memorable, Artisan’s gallery and be refreshed by Pieter van Gent’s sumptuous quintessential Mudgee wine.

I hope to see you there xInvitation Sew as I Go

  1. David Trinder says:

    Very impressive

  2. Can’t wait. Great event. Mudgee craft group will be there in support. I will preview 9n 22nd August then be there on 25th to meet Tapestry Girl in person. What a mix. Great venue, wine and art.

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