Sydney Stitches + Craft show Guest Artist

Posted: January 31, 2019 in 2019, Creating, Exhibition, Gallery, Sew as I go
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front cover

Stitches and Craft

I am honored to be a guest artist at the Sydney Stitches and craft Show, I’ve been stitching for months and am looking forward to hanging my new body of work. In addition to my tapestry pieces I am selling cards and printed tapestry canvases so you can reap the benefits of stitching yourself. I am also offering free workshops each day from 2pm for the first 10 to sign up. If you’re in Sydney, please come by and say, Hi.

  1. Joy barrow says:

    Stunning picture. Certainly makes one want to see more.

  2. Susan Albin says:

    This sounds like such fun Nikki!
    Only wish i lived closer. Best Wishes!

    • Robyn Holloway says:

      Hi Niki,
      How do I purchase your printed canvas?
      Have checked web site??

      I would like to purchase your beach girl canvas to stitch.
      Cheers Robyn

  3. Susan Fox says:

    I would like to see The tapestry canvas you have to sell. Thanks Susan Fox

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