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New ideas and inspiration form the ‘Skipping Girl’ series painted on the corrugated fence on Wilson Street, Darlington. I am inspired by the multiple layers and urbanised innocence of the dear little skipping girls.

“Grounded at a speed of 50km/hr –

There is a stale mate on this horizonless landscape; my feet are pounding a pavement of pessimism. My world is two dimensional, I’m a snapshot on someone’s face book, I need relief. Not the type that inebriation brings but the relief of effortless rhythmic flight.

I’ was inspired by the tagging and graffiti on my walk from North Bondi to Rose Bay Public where my children go to school. At the end of my street there was a garage door that had been bombed out with tagging. Gravity was in play and hundreds of drips ran down the door. The drips were interspersed with arrows and tagged names. This was vandalism at it’s worst for the property owner, but ownership and a right to a plain metal garage door aside, it looked absolutely amazing to me. It was definitely a collaborative piece, unconscious, unpredictable and unique. I am sure the artists had not given the final piece much thought as it was created in a moment of energy, adrenaline and release. For me the image was powerful, I could almost hear the hurried voices of the painters, I could smell the fear of being sprung and I could see the flicker of thought that had stopped the process at the perfect moment in time. I photographed the garage door and kept walking. I am glad I walked that way , as when I looked the next day for those interwoven paint  lines and sub cultural jargon, it was gone, painted over, it truly was a very small window in time.

Nice Day For White Wedding
Tapestry Girl, 2010,Framed and put up for exhibit at Berkelouw Book Shop Gallery, Newtown

First one sold on opening night,The red dot set the tone and gave my exhibition a feeling of being on purpose,Thank you to the buyers, it will look perfect on your wall and it was the inspiration for more red dots.

January 2009  I was in a group exhibition at Urban Uprising, I had 7 pieces in it. It was a fantastic space and the exhibition was managed so smoothly by Rod and Brian.

new world revolution

new world revolution | January 09

Australia’s very own breed of recalcitrant artists storm Urban Uprising on Weds January 21st for the gallery’s first ‘home grown’ group show, NEW WORLD REVOLUTION.

With many of the artists showing their work in Sydney for the first time, this is an opportunity to be introduced to the work of those who are destined to appear on Urban Uprising’s walls in the years to come. Urban Uprising has invited the artists to take a break from normality and create bodies of work that cover most urban genres, creating an exciting showcase of raw Australian talent.

Artists on show

From Melbourne -Acorn, Bonsai, Ghostpatrol, Side Project, Miso and Nior, from Perth- BNA-NAS and from Sydney- Shannon Crees, Nanami Cowdroy, Niki McDonald, Numskull, Kiss Kiss, Jonny Steiner, and Will Coles

Tapestry Girl 2007-2010 B.O.W

Posted: June 20, 2010 in B.O.W-2010

The tapestries reflect the design elements from the tagging, graffiti, stencil art and ripped tagged bill posters that are omnipresent in every neighborhood, laneway and city. If there is a blank wall someone will fill it, others will add to it, creating an unorganised collaborative piece of creativity at its rawest. It offers a social commentary of the urban cultures within the community and a feeling of visual claustrophobia that abounds wherever cities form.  I use tapestry to represent my images because the repetition of the stitches echo the pixels of digital work and the spray-paint used on the streets. I also love the irony of how street art is so fast, contemporary and masculine and tapestry is so time consuming, traditional and femine.

tapestrygirlothernationstapestry girl flyer

Exhibition, with Korshi, his Blog link

I was selected from over 4000 entries to exhibit, “Walking Home”, at the Stanthorpe 2010 Art Festival in Stanthorpe, QLD

‘Seeing Double Lines’, honours women and the symbols that are life changing. Winner of the 2009 Waverley Art Prize – Mixed Media